Plotting. Scheming. Planning. : Columbine: Wounded Minds

Plotting. Scheming. Planning.

by Samuel J Granillo on 10/19/12


Our next stop is Los Angeles, but we need funding first! No we didn't hit the big time, but we do need to travel out there to visit our good friend Richard Castaldo. For those of you who don't know his story, he was injured during the Columbine shooting and is now paralyzed from the waist down. His situation is a crucial detail to the story to help show other kinds of long term affects that many may not think of in the early stages of healing. Early money distribution plays a role in his current situation that is also shared by many others. We can see some alarming parallels with the handling of funds filtered in for the Aurora theatre shooting. Our trip will give us all a bigger cross section of these important issues, and will also open new doors that will expand our journey to find healing. If we can raise a good chunk of change, around $5,000, I think we can pull this off with out any problems. 

I've recently had the pleasure of talking to Crystal Woodman Miller, a Columbine survivor and long time classmate, who has had the amazing experience of traveling all over the world to not only share her story, but to help others and build strong self sufficient communities. I look forward to continuing filming with her. There are many others still to interview, but there just maybe an end in sight with a pinhole light at the end of the tunnel.

Make sure you check out our PRESS page to see all the awesome coverage revolving around this film project.

Time to work on the next fundraiser!

I hope you all are having the most spectacular fall season ever,


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1. Nancy Boonstra said on 4/20/14 - 04:33PM
Sam, I am a surivor of a major Airline crash.. researcher of that crash...I think I have some insights for you...on "surviving"..I am 72...did a 10 can reach me...Hopefully my research may give you some insights...I was five years old at the time.... Thanks, Nancy
2. Merryl Wiener said on 4/21/14 - 05:46AM
I felt so validated by this Dateline episode. As a 9/11 survivor I feel dread in the summer especially as the anniversary approaces. My mantra is it is ok not to be ok!

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