Columbine: Wounded Minds
About the website:

     This website was created for you to get involved and stay informed about the Columbine: Wounded Minds film project. Here, you can find a detailed outline about the film, watch trailers, connect with those involved making the film, make contributions directly to the film, stay informed about upcoming events, and read about what we are up to in our blog.

About the film: 

    Columbine: Wounded Minds is a documentary project about the survivors of tragedies and what happens after the news cameras stop rolling; how they have picked up the pieces and continued living. It aims to help find long-term healing for the millions of individuals who suffer through traumatic events and are left with a lifetime of mental scarring. 

As a survivor of the Columbine shooting of April 20, 1999, the original idea was to find a way to tell my own story; to raise awareness of and get help for the lasting effects that I and fellow Columbine survivors suffered. After digging deeper, I realized that it's a much broader worldwide issue that needs to be addressed. The project raises awareness of the importance of mental health, of active healing, and brings people together by connecting communities across the world via social medias and other interpersonal relationships. It's not just a documentary; it's a project, a movement and a journey.

About the director:

     Samuel J. Granillo is a Colorado native. Born in Denver, he grew up in Littleton making short films and music videos on a VHS camcorder with friends. Later, he moved on to making films and animations for the Columbine high school news network (RNN). After high school, he ventured off to Boulder, CO to explore the world of filmmaking, and received a BA in film at the University of Colorado. While there, he dabbled in various types of animations and experimental shorts. In 2007, he teamed up with some close friends to make and award winning short, Folly of Two, which won the audience choice award at Cinequest 18 in San Jose, CA.

    Today, Sam works as a camera assistant and production assistant in the film & television industry. He has worked on numerous television show, commercials, short films and feature films. When he's not working, you might find him brewing beer, making kombucha, skateboarding, fire-dancing or even leaving little paintings behind for people to find (@PonderMonster Instagram).

     Through out the year, you can find him as a projectionist at the Denver, Vail and Boulder international film festivals, and as an A/V tech for the Outdoor Cinema Network as he travels around Colorado showing films on big inflatable screens.

     The future looks bright and holds many paths for this adventurous filmmaker. The ideas and opportunities yet to come are a driving force for Sam as he pursues his dream to entertain the world and change the lives of those around him.
Photo by Vicki Gratz Hazlett